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Impeccable Organ Service and Repair

When you have an organ that needs to be repaired or serviced, visit Martin's Piano & Electronics Service today. Your organ will be restored to its "like new" condition once our trained musicians finish working on it.


We have been in the business for over 20 years. You can be confident that you'll receive professional and reliable services from us. Specialized in Hammond organs and Leslie speakers; we're your most reliable resource when you want accurate organ repairs.

Organ amplifiers

If you're experiencing problems with your organ amplifier, it can drastically affect how your music is experienced. If you need an amplifier repair or replacement, visit us today. We can also replace the keys on your organ to give it a fresh appearance.

Organ repairs

 • Drawbar repairs

 • Base pedal repairs

 • Cable repairs

 • Tone generator repairs

Discounts available

Organs are an integral part of many church services. If the organ at your church is experiencing problems in functioning properly, contact us today. Our locally owned and operated business is happy to provide your church with discounts on the organ repairs.

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